The Bronx, Fordham: Carbon monoxide sends 11 to hospital.

Four FDNY (Fire Department New York) EMS members were among 11 people sent to the hospital following a carbon monoxide leak in the Fordham section of the Bronx on Monday

After carbon monoxide leaked into a Fordham apartment building, 11 people, including four EMS members, were transported to NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi to be treated.

Sources say that residents of the Decatur Avenue apartment building called 911 at 6:21 p.m. when they weren’t feeling well. Once EMTs arrived on the scene, they realized that the residents may have carbon monoxide poisoning. They then called the fire department to help.

Footage obtained by New 12 shows a woman being carried out of the building unconscious. When the victims of the leak arrived at the hospital, they were treated in a hyperbaric chamber. 

Just before 7 p.m., Con Edison arrived at the building. Officials turned off the boiler and ventilated the building after evacuating the residents. The carbon monoxide levels throughout the apartment dropped afterwards.

They are saying that the chimney stacks seemed to be leaking the carbon monoxide into the building. And though residents say they had working carbon monoxide alarms, the alarms were not triggered by the gas.

News 12 was told that the tenants were allowed back in their homes later Monday evening. As for the chimney, Con Edison says that landlords will need to make repairs. Read More…