Waterloo Fire Rescue found concerning levels of carbon monoxide at Hippodrome monster truck event

16 Feb 2022: WATERLOO, IOWA — Fans attending a monster truck rally at the National Cattle Congress grounds Saturday night were exposed to “worrying” amounts of carbon monoxide, officials say.

Levels as high as 314 parts per million were detected inside the Hippodrome. Waterloo Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Bill Beck said Wednesday CO levels higher that 50 ppm would warrant an evacuation. Readings in the triple digits, especially as high as 300 to 400 ppm, are “absolutely something we would be worried about.”

After becoming aware of the CO readings, officials had the trucks shut down and all occupants evacuated, in addition to opening up all forms of ventilation, according to the incident report. Read More…

Hippodrome - Waterloo Iowa
Nearly 80 people were treated at area hospital emergency rooms after a monster truck rally Saturday night at The Hippodrome at the National Cattle Congress grounds in Waterloo led to carbon monoxide poisoning concerns (Stock Photo)