Family of 3 Found Dead From Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg neighborhood

16th February 2024, Philadelphia – Police say a mother, father and daughter were found dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at home in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg neighborhood.

Family of 3 dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in Philadelphia

The family of the three who died identified the father as 56-year-old Jorge Cardona, the mother as 47-year-old Maricel Martinez and the 12-year-old daughter as Angelina Cardona. 

The cause of death is suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, police said. Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy claimed firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide at the house and that another woman found there was rushed to the hospital and is thought to be in a stable condition. Read More…

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas. In the United States alone, the CDC states that every year carbon monoxide poisoning not linked to fires leads over one hundred thousand Americans going to the emergency room, with around 15,000 being hospitalized and more than 400 deaths.

Generators, car engines, air conditioning systems, boilers, ovens and other equipment where combustion takes place can cause carbon monoxide exposure when used incorrectly and/or in the wrong environment, or if it is not properly maintained.

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