EXCLUSIVE: Tragic young couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning

Their bodies were found on Sunday morning inside Rodriguez’s car some three weeks after they had been reported missing. Family and eyewitnesses told MailOnline they believe they were going in there for ‘hanky panky’ However, Melissa’s uncle told MailOnline they were found fully-clothed. Couple didn’t leave suicide note and were excited about future together.

Family raised concerns that cell phones weren’t tracked by police and uncle claims he told police about the garage, owned by the family. A giddy Melissa Pereira even tweeted affectionately about their upcoming trip on the day they disappeared. ‘Weekend with my everything 🙂 #lovehim’. It would be her final tweet.

But they never checked into their hotel. They had vanished. But there was no reason to suspect they eloped, they were not in trouble and neither was their any reason why they would be driven to suicide.

‘They had plans to go on the trip,’ Pereira’s uncle Sham Bacchus told MailOnline. ‘This is too much, she and Jorge had their whole lives ahead of them.’

Then on Sunday, detectives descended on garage number 55 inside the Wayne Village Apartment complex in New Jersey.

Inside the 10-by-12-foot structure were the lovers’ lifeless bodies slumped over the front seats of Rodrigeuz’s white Honda Prelude, the gas tank empty, the battery dead.