Sudbury mother reflects on deadly danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

Jan 13 2021: A Sudbury mother is grieving the loss of her daughter and another person to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Kim Penton’s daughter, 22-year-old Chryse Nadeau, and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Markus Kehoe, died in an incident on New Year’s day. Penton says the couple was staying at a cabin in the woods near South River.

The cabin was powered by a generator in a shed. She says they went to check on the generator, which had stopped. Once in the small shed, she says they began inhaling toxic amounts of carbon monoxide, an odourless gas.

“And the smaller the space and the more carbon monoxide in there, the quicker it takes for it to be fatal,” Penton said. “It’s so hard because you don’t smell it.” Read More…

Chryse Nadeau and her mom Kim Penton. (Kim Penton/Facebook)