Carbon Monoxide at Mexico City Airbnb kills 3 Americans

October 2022, Mexico City

3 Americans who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a rented apartment in Mexico City ahead of Dia de Los Muertos – or Day of the Dead – celebrations, have been identified as two New Orleans teachers and the owner of a Virginia Beach-based candle business.

2 of the victims, Jordan Marshall (28) and Courtez Hall (33) were New Orleans teachers.

The Mexico City attorney general’s office launched an investigation on October 30th, looking into the “…death of three foreigners, derived from possible poisoning by gas inhalation”. Expert studies indicate the gas was carbon monoxide, the Mexico City Attorney General’s later statement said.

Jordan Marshall, 28, a 12th-grade English teacher, was curious and loved different cultures, his mother told CNN on Wednesday, while his friend, Courtez Hall, 33, was a seventh-grade social studies teacher in the city.

Kandace Florence, 28, meanwhile, had a “pure” heart and mind and spurned negativity, her mother said.

The three friends were staying at an apartment they’d found on Airbnb in the Mexican capital’s La Rosita neighbourhood. Read More…