Chicago Fire Department: 5 Hospitalized By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on NW Side

25th January 2023, ABC Eye Witness News: The CFD (Chicago Fire Department) reports 5 hospitalised by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at a Northwest Side home Wednesday morning.

CFD said a man went to work with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, and, when his boss took him home, other members of the man’s family were found unresponsive.

“Another hour and we may have had multiple deaths,” CFD said.

The incident took place in the 1600-block of North Keystone Avenue, near North Pulaski Road.

Two of the individuals taken to the hospital are in fair condition, and three are in good condition.

CFD urged Chicago residents to get carbon monoxide detectors, and praised the man’s employer for helping him and his family.

For full story, visit: Chicago fire officials say 5 hospitalized after apparent carbon monoxide poisoning on North Keystone Avenue on NW Side – ABC7 Chicago