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Carbon Monoxide...

is a deadly poison. If you have been affected, we have an experienced Lawyer in your area who knows what you are going through and is ready to take on your case.

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Carbon Monoxide Kills

We are here to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide poisoning, and to provide legal advice. We are keen to help anyone who may have been injured with medical help or just good advice. We have partner attorneys throughout the USA whether you are in New York or Alaska we can help.

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Latest Testimonial

I contacted Rob Aiers over two years ago. I had been exposed to Carbon Monoxide in my living environment for a period of time. I knew I was affected by this in many ways. I had questions, I had concerns, and I was physically suffering too. I started an Internet search and found Rob Aiers through his Web site www.carbonmonoxidekills.com. He is passionate about this silent killer and is extremely knowledgeable about it. To me this is a plus. His response was immediate. He is compassionate and professional. My concern was finding representation in my area. Rob Aiers has researched Attorneys in CO toxicity throughout the USA and beyond and can speak directly to them on the client’s behalf. I am currently retained by an Attorney in my State. I am extremely pleased with how this worked for me. Rob Aiers works with you and finds the best referral for you in your geographic area. Rob Aiers knows his Attorneys and I have nothing but confidence and compliments for this gentleman. He is a continuing support for me today as my case moves forward. I have a marvellous team.

Katie - Texas

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Carbon Monoxide lawyers in the US


If you have been injured by Carbon Monoxide and are looking at taking legal action

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Medical symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning


If you suspect Carbon Monoxide is causing you harm, please check your symptoms

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Advice about Carbon Monoxide


Information about the silent killer Carbon Monoxide and how to protect your family

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The latest news about Carbon Monoxide poisoning incidents


The latest news about Carbon Monoxide poisoning incidents and legal developments

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